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Pauline J. Rhodes, Superintendent of Coahoma County School District

The mission of the Coahoma County School District is to provide a high quality education to each child in a safe and caring environment in order to produce contributing citizens who will be able to excel in a global society.

Dear Parents and Supporters:

As I write this message, I am reminded of the days when I sat in The Foundation of Education class at Delta State University. America’s education system was often described as a pendulum that swings back and forth, sometimes as swiftly as the wind from a powerful hurricane. In Coahoma County School District, we have spent the entire summer preparing for the many changes, some of which are listed below that will be effective this school year. We stand ready to work diligently to provide each child a high quality education in a safe and caring environment.

  1. MPES (Mississippi Principal Evaluation System).  All Principals and CT Directors will be evaluated using this instrument. 
  2. M-STAR (Mississippi Statewide Teacher Appraisal Rubric).  The results of both the MPES and M-STAR are required to be made public.
  3. Literacy-Based Promotion Act (Senate Bill 2347).  All third grade students must pass an assessment in order to be promoted to the fourth grade.
  4. Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013.  Clarksdale and Coahoma County are collaborating with Head Start and several private day care centers to apply for this very competitive grant that will fund 4 year old Pre-Kindergarten classes.
  5. School attendance and absenteeism to standardize compulsory attendance law and ADA calculations under MAEP (House Bill 1530).  A student who is absent more than 37% of his/her instructional day must be considered absent the entire day.  All students will be required to be present for 63% of the instructional day.  Parents are urged to make sure their school-age-children are present each day, all day. Our funding depends upon your child being present!
  6. Senate bill 2633 Mississippi Student Religious Liberties Act of 2013.  Requires all districts to adopt a policy regarding limited public forums and voluntary expression of religious perspectives.
  7. Additionally, students attending Coahoma County Junior Senior High School will welcome a new principal, Dr. Charles Dodson, a new assistant principal, Ms. Adrienne White, and Mrs. Olenza McBride, retired principal will return for the first semester.  As always, we welcome numerous other new staff persons, including Kellia Jones-Washington, new business manager.

We welcome your visits and recommendations.  Please feel free to visit us at our district office or our website at or follow us on Twitter at @coahomacsd.




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