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Courses Offered at Coahoma County High School

Accounting Chemistry
Computer Application Pre-Algebra
Personal Finance Transition to Algebra
Technology Discovery Algebra I and II
Spanish I and II Geometry
English I-IV Trigonometry
AP English and Composition Pre-Calculus
Creative Writing Physical Education
Health Girls Basketball
Science Skills and Reasoning Boys Basketball
Biology I and II Football
Human Anatomy and Physiology Baseball
Economic Art
Geography General Music
Mississippi Studies Band
U.S. History AP U.S. History
World History U.S. Government


Special Service Courses
Functional Math Functional Language Arts/Reading
Communication Skills Personal/Social Skills
Self-Help Vocational Skills
Recreation Functional Writing
Household Management Daily Living Skills
Inclusion Tutorial/Learning
Occupational Guidance Articulation Therapy
Language Impairment Fluency Therapy
Voice Therapy